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Experience and love for the land, handed down from generation to generation, are the foundations of our farm. Located between the hills of Città Sant’Angelo and the sea. In a landscape of natural beauty we produce our organic wines, our olive oil and the products of our garden.


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The soft sound of a cork being uncorked from the bottle has the sound of a man opening his heart.
(William S. Benwell)

LineTenuta delProfessore

  • DescriptionWe Grandchildren wanted to dedicate this wine to the pillar of our family: Grandpa Mario D'Alesio. Professor of Agriculture for 45 years, born in Colle di Moro (Città Sant'Angelo) in 1922, he worked hard to spread the agricultural and wine culture, planting vines from the sapling to the row, from the low vignette to the marquee. This is the fruit of the last vineyard planted by the "Professor", Trebbiano, scrupulously selected by him.


  • DescriptionSciarr and D'Alesio are our brands of excellence, selection and quality, respecting tradition and territory. Fruit of the meeting of thoughts of three generations. The selection of our best grapes gives life to the D'Alesio Line, produced only in the most favourable vintages and with complete respect for the natural cycles of the vine and wine.


  • DescriptionThe wine of the grandparents' grandfather, Alessio D'Alesio, known as 'lo Scione', impetuous and cyclonic, the guide of the D'Alesio family and the company since 1843. Still today the pivot of our passion.

D'Alesio SciarrGrape varieties

The greatest work has always been done by our generous land, which, facilitated by an extraordinary microclimate in a sunny valley with regular winds and the influence of the proximity of the sea, creates the perfect conditions for the cultivation and processing of our vineyards, olive groves and other crops.

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The grapes have a strong anthocyanic charge, good acidity and a good sugar content. The vine has this name because the Tuscan wool merchants recognized a similarity with their grapes and thought it was a mutation of Sangiovese.

Trebbiano d'Abruzzo

It is the only DOC in Abruzzo dedicated exclusively to white wine, perhaps the best among the Trebbiani.


This vine was mentioned for the first volta by Cato the Censor in the second century BC, who attributed the origin of this type of grape to Greek settlers. The Pecorino grapes seem to derive their name from the fact that the sheep, walking through the vineyards, would have shown several times to like their fruits.


In ancient times it was cultivated in the hinterland of upper Abruzzo since Roman times. When, between 1798 and 1799, Napoleon’s troops entered Italy, the French in Abruzzo came across the cultivation of this native vine of the inland area of Teramo, Montonico, and found its wine so fresh, harmonious and fragrant that it was renamed “le petit champagne” and asked for supplies for the various detachments in the region.


The French ampelographers, Viala and Vermorel, in 1909 indicated it simply as a vine of Abruzzi origin, while the winemakers’ custom was to blend it with other varieties grown in Abruzzo. On the palate the wine is above all fresh, characterized by a lively citrus acidity. The finish is pleasantly sapid. This important acidity makes Cococciola particularly suitable for sparkling wine making, both with the Charmat method and with Metodo Classico.

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