Abruzzo Cece “Sultan”

Cece “Sultan”
The chickpea “Sultan” SCIARR is a cultivar of the “cicer arietinum”, annual herbaceous plant of the family of legumes originating in the Middle East and cultivated since time immemorial throughout the Mediterranean basin. It has small smooth, spherical seeds of a straw yellow colour with remarkable organoleptic qualities.

They are very rich in starch and also contain good amounts of fiber and vitamins A and C, as well as saponins, substances that help the body to eliminate cholesterol from the intestine. The SCIARR chickpea is cultivated in a hilly area of the municipality of Cittá Sant’Angelo (PE) to which the soil and climate give it a particular sweetness and soft texture. The recipes that use chickpeas are simple but require such care in cooking that they are particularly and sensually tender. The addition of Mediterranean scents such as rosemary, garlic and laurel give the whole a gentle and unmistakable aroma and taste.

In the kitchen are the protagonists in the preparation of soups and typical soups, purées and creams, boiled can be enjoyed alone seasoned with SCIARR olive oil. They also go very well with fish dishes.

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